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Farrah Abraham Sex Tape 2 The Sequel Back Door and More


In This Sequel of Farrah Abraham, she gets fucked after stripping and then swinging on a sex swing!

Farrah Abraham is back again fucking James Deen the porn star. So I guess all that talk from Farrah last year about her private sex tape being leaked was a big LIE.  She obviously is having sex with James on camera for money. Of course the video is being sold by Vivid Entertainment again.  It was rumored that Farrah received royalties off the video sale from last years sales.  Farrah Abraham is turning into a true porn star.

Yes she takes it in the Ass again.  You heard right, you get to see James Deen’s big cock pound Farrah’s ass in the anal scene while she is on the sex swing.  She starts by sucking Jame’s cock and then does a little cute strip tease for him and then gets on the sex swing where her ass is pounded by James Deen’s throbbing cock over and over again. Be sure to watch the trailer above of Farrah Abraham’s new sex tape released february 2014 which is being called ‘Farrah Abraham Part 2 Back Door and More’.

Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Now Available

farrah abraham now available for downloadThe much anticipated Farrah Abrahams Sex Tape is now available for download, just click on the image above and you will be taken to the download site. You can view the trailer instantly and you will see that this video has anal sex, blog jobs, vaginal sex, hot steamy kissing, a lot of “Baby” “Baby” “baby” talk from Farrah, it’s cute. So check out the trailer now.

Sex Tape

Farrah Abrahams Sex Tape

We have all heard from Dr Phill and other news sources that Farrah Abraham from Teen Mom has starred in a sex tape that was purchased by Vivid Entertainment and will be sold at an undisclosed amount starting Monday May 6th, 2013.  The Kim Kardashian sex tape sells for around $10 so I’m guessing you can get your hands on a copy of Farrah Abrahams Sex Tape for around that amount. We will be posting a link to where you can get the sex tape shortly.  The sex tape is everything you would want from a hot celebrity sex tape including cute and playful acting by Farrah, anal sex, porn star with a big dick and don’t forget Farrah Abrahams celebrity status.  We have all seen her in the news recently from her recent DUI to her role on the hit TV show Teen Mom.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be one of the first people to watch Farrah Abrahams Sex Tape which has recently been named Backdoor Teen Mom.

Release of Farrah Abraham to be Released Monday May 6th 2013

Farrah Abrahams Porn Sex Tape Will Be Available Soon

For those of you waiting patiently for the Farrah Abrahams Sex Tape, well the wait is almost over.  According to reports from Vivid Entertainment, the Sex Tape of Farrah Abrahams is going to be sold on Vivid’s website and other sites such as Farah Abraham website. Farrah Abraham star’s side by side with James Deen a well known and seasoned porn star who has appeared in over 1,400 adult films.  James Deen performs anal sex on Farrah Abrahams and as such the film has been named Backdoor Teen Mom named after the sexual act performed in the sex video and also coined from the hit TV series Farrah Abraham starred in called Teen Mom.

Teen Mom was a TV series about teenage mom’s who were in the uncomfortable position of life to birth and raise a child of their own. With the fame came a very brand-able name and with her beauty came a strong interest from her male audience to see Farrah Abraham with her clothes off. Well not only do you get to see Farrah Abraham without her clothes on, but you get to see James Deen stick his dick in her ass and watch her moan.

Farrah has been on many talk shows including Dr. Phill to discuss the sale of her Sex Video to Vivid Entertainment. She claims that her intentions were to just make a private sex video with James Deen for her own viewing pleasure; however, after James announced the sex tape to the public, she at that time decided to offer the sex tape for sale to Vivid Entertainment. I know what you are thinking, that’s too unbelievable right? Yes it is unbelievable because it is most likely not true.  She is doing exactly what Kim Kardashian did years ago to become famous which was to “accidentally” leak a sex video of herself and then sell the rights to Vivid Entertainment.

Whatever Farrah’s reasons were to make and sell a sex tape, we are glad she did because she is super hot and i’m sure no guy in the world is going to complain.